Tellnor Telecom Solutions (TTS)

A dedicated company is formed Tellnor Telecom Solutions (TTS) to provide:

Revenue Assurance and Fraud Detection

One of the major reasons that have impact on revenue in Telecom Industry is the routing of internationally originated calls/SMS as local ones through illegally installed gateways.

TELLNOR offers complete anti-fraud solutions and applies an integrated approach to problems arising from fraudulent call making; combining the powerful capabilities of Fraud Management Systems with the pinpoint targeted effectiveness of fraud voice traffic in order to ensure legal routing and prevent revenue fraud.

Complete package Solutions are:

  • Enhanced SIM Box Detection Service including Stealth Mode Service
  • Smart CDR Profiling Service
  • SIM Disruptor Service

Cloud Services

TELLNOR is providing latest state of the art cloud service supporting rapid value added service delivery for both consumer and business applications and can support the migration towards the mobile cloud. This includes the provision of hardware and software solutions like SoftSwitch and CDR compare tools.

Billing and Least Cost Routing Solutions

By analyzing both revenue and cost information associated with telecommunications traffic in near real-time, TELLNOR can help mobile operators optimize network routing and identify capacity opportunities while ensuring that each call is captured, rated, and billed accurately.

TELLNOR’s consultancy approach consists of:

  • Evaluation, assessment and recommendation of reliable, scalable yet cost effective IT software platforms and solutions
  • Business process optimization based on TELLNOR’s in-depth understanding and knowledge of telecommunications business processes
  • Full cycle of project building and management. On-time delivery while maintaining quality control. Deployment of state-of-the-art technology in terms of products and implementation techniques