TELLNOR is a Telecom Solutions Provider offering International Voice Gateway, Anti-fraud Solutions, and VAS services that assure revenue increase to Mobile & Fixed Operators in Africa and Middle East (MEA region). 

TELLNOR has its roots from a former consultancy company in Norway: Telecom Management Partner (TMP) with more than 20 years’ experience and have executed several successful projects especially in Africa.

Through operational excellence and focus on quality and dedication TELLNOR is one of the few companies in its area delivering real valuable services and solutions to its clients. TELLNOR has been into the business for the last few years and is performing its best to give the customers its greatest value. Our dedicated and highly-skilled team of specialists is continuously providing innovative and progressive technical solutions to keep ahead of ever-changing communications requirements. Quality and Service are constant signs of our progress. For this reason we have created a worldwide network that are ever closer to our customers and have implanted the technical and human resources necessary to constantly satisfy the expectations efficiently and quickly.

90% of our customers are long term customers where the relation has transformed into a partnership rather than buyer and seller.

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