A dedicated company is formed Tellnor Carrier (www.tellnorcarrier.com) to provide:

International Voice Termination

TELLNOR as strategic partner to Mobile & Fixed operators is providing full solution to International Voice termination including: International Media Gateway, Broad Connections extend to over 100 destinations worldwide through a series of interconnect partnerships. We assure the best quality of service at the most competitive rates, while utilizing the latest technologies.

TELLNOR is committed to provide the highest quality CLI international traffic through its gateway backed up by a network of partners and Tier1/Tier2 international carriers around the globe like: Telenor Carrier, TeliaSonera, TATA, Airtel, Sama, and Mada.

TELLNOR ensures high quality termination through its own switching and network infrastructure as well as through its partnerships with several worldwide operators and international carriers.

We offer high industry-leading services with respect to quality and customer support through:

  • Latest technology real-time monitoring
  • Fast interconnection delivery and deployment
  • Network and team flexibility
  • A variety of direct destinations and interconnections

Our network’s capacity, high reliability, and full redundancy, combined with our extensive bilateral agreements allow us to offer our clients, high-quality and uninterrupted voice communications to any international destination.

TELLNOR also ensures that quality on its Voice over IP (VoIP) network is constantly monitored and proactively managed 24/7, in order to guarantee quality parameters are maintained, while benchmarking high-standard call completion and duration.
Our network flexibility delivers fast interconnection and opens up new market opportunities in the areas of telecommunications and information services, in addition to offering our clients geographical diversity and additional redundancy.
Our experience and competence in both TDM and VoIP interconnect, enables our clients to benefit from a reliable stream of communication services with the utmost convenience.